WU Perspectives and Career Opportunities Related to Probation & Parole Essay

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Prior to taking this course, you may have held specific opinions about the use of probation and parole in the criminal justice system. You may have been unaware of the challenges faced by those attempting to reintegrate back into society, and the responsibility of probation and parole officers to both their clients and the community as offenders struggle with these challenges. You also may not have known about the various theories or models that shape how individual probation and parole officers view their roles.

Now, in this final Journal, you have an opportunity to reflect on whether your views about community supervision have changed. You also consider your interest in pursuing career opportunities in probation and parole given what you have learned in this course.

Write a 250- to 350-word journal response to the following prompts:

How has your view on community supervision changed since you began the course? 

Do you support the use of probation and parole more or less now than in Week 1? Why?

  • Now that you have completed this course, do you have an interest in pursuing career opportunities in probation or parole? Why or why not? If you do, what role do you envision for yourself, and what steps will you take to work toward it?

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