WU Does Shaming Have a Place in Reintegration Discussion

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A woman drives on a public sidewalk to get around a stopped school bus. The judge sentences her to stand on a busy street corner for two days holding a sign that reads, “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Is this type of shaming effective?

The use of shaming as a punishment and a deterrent has gained traction in recent years, especially amidst concerns of prison overcrowding. In this Discussion, you examine whether shaming is a useful tool in the reintegrative process. In doing so, you consider the work of Australian criminologist John Braithwaite, whose theory of reintegrative shaming suggests that some types of shaming are useful while others are destructive.

Post a response that addresses the following:

  • Is shaming a useful tool in reintegration programs? Why or why not? Support your argument with professional experience and theories (e.g., Braithwaite’s reintegrative shaming theory) from this week’s Learning Resources.

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