WU Criminal Probation Process in Juvenile And Criminal Justice System Discussion

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Both criminal courts and juvenile courts offer probation as a sentencing option, especially for first-time offenders. In both courts, the goal is to offer the offender the least restrictive option with which the judge is comfortable so that the probationer can remain in the community and continue work and/or attend school. During probation, offenders are often required to participate in rehabilitation programs, pay restitution, satisfy and other requirements as imposed by the judge such as community service. The probation officer’s role is to ensure that those on his/her caseload are meeting the terms of probation and to report back to the judge as required.

When comparing these two courts, however, the philosophy behind a separate court for juveniles contributes heavily to the number of youth who are placed on probation. In the juvenile justice system, there is a greater emphasis on offering the least restrictive option available and the role of the probation officer is both a legal and social service one. The juvenile court judge also has more dispositional options than a judge in criminal court.

In this Assignment, you compare the probation process in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Submit a 500-word paper that addresses the following:

  • Compare the juvenile justice system and the criminal justice system decision-making process to grant probation.
  • How does the difference in the overarching goals of the juvenile court versus the criminal court influence the decision-making process to grant probation?
  • What is the role of rehabilitation in the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems? To what degree is probation designed to contribute to rehabilitation in each system?

Be sure to reference the course readings to support your responses.


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