WSU Biology Alzheimer Disease Essay

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I want a summary of Alzheimer Disease that answer all or most of these:

  • Questions to address:
  • 1)
    Structure and pI of Abeta
  • 2)
    How Abeta peptides are
    generated in the brain
  • 3)
    Chronologic relation
    between Abeta 42 and 40 generation and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
    pathology, vascular dementia, and Down syndrome.
  • 4)
    The different morphology of
    mature plaque vs primitive plaque with different Abeta 42 and 40
  • 5)
    Are bundles present in
    plaques with Abeta42, Abeta 40 or a mixture of the two kinds of peptides
  • 6)
    Abeta 42 and 40 amyloid
    fiber formation pathways
  • 7)
    Abeta 42 and 40 oligomers size, diameter and
    number of monomers
  • 8)
    Abeta 42 and 40 mixture at
    different ratio and the effect on fiber formation
  • 9)
    Speculate how abeta 40 may affect Abeta 42
    aggregation and formation of oligomers and fibers
  • 10) Speculate how extracelluar matrix such as charged polymers and
    noncharged polymers affect fiber formation.
  • 11) Guess or Speculate how metal (Copper, Zinc, Calcium) ions such
    as those found in the plaque
    affect the fiber formation
  • 12) Speculate how lipid molecules affect fiber formation
  • 13) Diagnostics for AD
  • 14) Aβ degradation
  • 15) Aβ forms and their toxicity
  • 16) The amyloidhypothesis (AH)

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