writing paper about marijuana legalization in usa

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The paper must be at least 15 pages, double-spaced (not including references, pictures, tables, or title page).There are due dates for your topic and progress.

Failure to meet a due date will result in losing 5% from your final paper grade.(e.g. 100% down to 95%). No excuses will be granted.Font should be 12-point and Times New Roman, with one-inch borders all around. You may pick a topic or a portion of a topic we discuss in class as long as you do not duplicate what is covered. For example, you could choose to write your paper on the U.S. health care system and future reform, marijuana legalization, prescription drug and recreational drug abuse, or global health security. The key is viewpoint diversity.

A key to this paper is to look at the issue from multiple perspectives. Thus, you must utilize at least two perspectives. Perspective is essential to the course and this paper so view your topic in the same manner.

Grammar: This is graduate school. Use the spelling and grammar check in Word. Use the Writing Center. No excuse for a poorly written paper..

Elements of the Paper – Your paper MUST have these headings!

1. Background: Every topic has to have a history, a background of information. Certainly some have longer backgrounds than others but the key is to accurately summarize the information so that it leads up to the heart of your discussion, the perspectives.

2. Examples/Evidence: While this can be touched upon a bit in the background, go through a chronology (again, can be annotated a bit if the evidence is so numerous) of the examples of how these issues have been dealt with over the years AND currently. While history is important, what are we doing today with regard to the issue? What are different groups doing to support their side of the argument regarding this issue? For example, how are migrant workers (legal and/or illegal) doing to state their case for health care access? What are politicians doing (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, certain political groups) to state their case regarding health care access? It is up to you to decide which current views and evidence to include.

3. Solutions and Conclusions: Based on elements 1 and 2, what solutions do yousuggest to improve the health and well-being of those affected by this public health issue. For example, if you are doing E. coli foodborne outbreaks, what solutions would you have for producers of hamburger products or cookie dough? How could these solutions be implemented to please all parties involved, if that is ever possible? You could view this as how could we please people more than upset them with regards to solutions as it difficult to fully satisfy everyone.

Each perspective must have its own heading!

Citation Format: You are required to use American Psychological Association (APA) format for your references in text and at the end with your list of citations.

A useful website to assist your work is provided here, https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01…. NOTE: if you do not properly use the APA format, you will automatically lose 20% from your paper grade (e.g. grade of 95% would drop to 75%).

Do not just rely solely on websites and Google.Do NOT use Wikipedia.There are plenty of journal articles that you can and should access through www.pubmed.gov and other sites (the library staff can help you with this … they are awesome with this!). Clearly, more recent topics will have more Internet sources but there are plenty of prior research articles likely associated with your topic choice to refer to. A minimum of 20 sources is required.


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