writing a memo for english 300 class

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Memo Assignment – Making the Case for a New Hire

The first assignment for this class asks you to write a one-page, single-spaced memo

recommending that your company hire a new employee from your discipline. Imagine that you

work for a medium-sized company and that the new human resources director wishes to identify

“growth areas” within the company. The human resources director does not have a background

specifically in your field so you will need to provide some of the fundamentals of what it is that

you do (and could do if you had more colleagues). For the memo, please complete the following:

o Provide a fundamental definition for your field

o Make a claim for the hire

o If you use statistics or reference other documents, please cite your sources.

o Write the memo in a well-organized, easy-to-read format – you may use lists, headers,

columns, etc. to get the job done.


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