write chronicles 2

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Please write a chronicle at least 6 pages long about the following subjects

  • The Covenant with Moses: Exodus 1-3, 7, 11-14, 19-20, 24, and 32.
  • The Covenant with David: I Samuel 8; II Samuel 11-12:25. {Note: In some bibles, I ^Samuel is I Kings; II Samuel is II Kings; I Kings is III Kings; and II Kings is IV Kings {just something to confuse students !}.
  • Infancy Narratives: Matthew (Mt) 1-2, CCC 514-534.
  • Jesus Baptism and Temptation: Matthew (Mt) 3-4, CCC 535-542.
  • The Sermon on the Mount and the Kingdom: Mt 5-7^ CCC 541-553.
  • Miracles and the Sending of the Apostles: Mt 8-12, Kreeft, Ch. 9.
  • Parables of Jesus: Mt 13-18,. CCC 554-556.
  • Ministry in Jerusalem: Mt 19-25; CCC 557-570, 583-594
  • Jesus Suffering and Death: Mt 26-27; CCC 595-637.

I have attached some of the class notes, it maight be help when you right the chronicle.

This must be ready maximum before 72 hours from now


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