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  1. Write 2-paragraph answers to the following questions:
    • Explain why you support or oppose greatly increased use of (a) genetically modified food, and (b) organic polyculture.
    • What is the difference between the National Parks System and the National Wilderness System?
    • If we fail to protect a much larger percentage of the world’s remaining old-growth forests and tropical rain forests, describe three harmful effects that this failure is likely to have on any children and grandchildren you might have.
  2. Write a page essay answering the following question: In the early 1990s, Miguel Sanchez, a subsistence farmer in Costa Rica, was offered $600,000 by a hotel developer for a piece of land that he and his family had been using sustainably for many years. The land, which contained an old-growth rain forest and a black sand beach, was surrounded by an area under rapid development. Sanchez refused the offer. What would you have done if you were in Miguel Sanchez’s position? Explain your decision.

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