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Project One For Strategic Management MBA6900, there are a total of three individual assignments; called Projects. These assignments are incremental in nature; meaning, that portions of each assignment may -in some manner- add or complement the next project. Consequently, the Projects are intertwined, rather than built in isolation. This assignment requires the outcomes: 1.Essay 750 to 1000 words MAXIMUM (about 4 pages -excluding APA citations). 2.Essay must be in Microsoft Word format. Project consists of creating the following: ◦Write a personal improvement vision, ◦What or where do you want to be in 12-24 months from now. . ◦Write a personal mission statement, ◦Watch the video in week two: What about the WHY?. ◦Watch the video: How to start a personal mission statement.. ◦What will be your motivational sentence. . ◦Write a personal objective(s) ◦Prepare a SWOT analysis of your current situation. ◦SWOT analysis must include current: ◾Strengths,. ◾Weaknesses,. ◾Opportunities,. ◾Threats. . . 3.Provide the corresponding APA citations.. •Case # 29: Heineken (From textbook 8th Edition) •Case # 33: Is one Ford really working (From textbook 8th Edition) •Case # 35: Cirque de soleil (From textbook 8th Edition) •Case # 5: Going for broke (From textbook 6th Edition) •Case # 6: American International Group and the Bonus fiasco (From Textbook 6th Edition) •Case # 8: General Motors (From Textbook 6th Edition)


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