work health and safety in australia 1

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I have already written the introduction for you.

PLEASE PLEASE NOTE all references are to be made based on Australian content.


Basically you are to write 700 words (DO NOT WRITE CONCLUSION)

Through you are to use relevant legislation for NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA.

These are a few dot points to talk about-

— Legal framework of employment: contracts of employment, workplace discrimination and work health and safety

-Analyse the different theories and perspectives on employment relations and the role of institutional actors including governments, industrial tribunals, trade unions and employer associations.

I HAVE ALSO PROVIDED HELPFUL documents that can assist you with some questions.

minimum of 10 high quality journal articles and websites

This is my introduction:

Throughout this essay responders will develop an understanding on the chosen latest thinking topic “Work Health and Safety in Australia”. Through incorporating skilful and complex literature pieces within the essay, readers will be able to identify the importance of implementing relevant legislations and laws to ensure all employees are educated on the importance of having ethics and effective communication skills to work as a team and ultimately reach mutual goals. Health and safety has an imperative impact in a workplace environment. Australian organisations must constantly ensure they are implementing relevant legal frameworks such as contracts of employment, workplace discrimination and work health and safety throughout their workplace. The working environment matters a lot and it should be kept safe and healthy for the workers (Straker et al., 2016). In order to maintain a safe work place for workers, the employers need to ensure they uphold their duty of care for a safe work environment. Work health and safety is all about the mental, social and physical well-being of the workers (Bray et la., 2018).


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