Woman and Religion

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Fir this assignment provide meaningful feedback. I am not asking for your opinion with grammar, or spelling or the way it is written.I am asking you to respond to the information, topic and information presented below; Pleas respond with 220 words.

I chose to write about Hinduism and Buddhism in the area of the roles and statuses of women. In Hinduism it is stated that women are to do nothing independently, even in their own home. A womens life in this religion focused on her obedient domestic duties that represent being a good wife. There are practices that mark the lesser and more subservient status of women. The first is a mans right to select a girl, the second is called purdah and involves the isolation of a woman in a room or house, which is associate with the notion that women are sexually polluted. the status of women is also reflected in the treatment of widows. A widow must appear different from other women and sometimes shave their heads. They also are denied inheritance rights. In Buddhism however, women have a more positive status, due to the fact that it is not between men and women but between monastics and laypersons. In early Theravada Buddhism, the prevalence of male monastics did engender fears of contact with women. But upon the spread of Buddhism into China more female monasteries were formed. The status of women are recognized more favorably and even based on equality with men.


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