Wk 2 – Apply: Strategic Plan Research [due Day 7] Wk 2 – Apply: Strategic Plan Research (part B)

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  1. Content -wk#2 Business Plan
    (Same company week#2, Week#4, & Week#5)

    In this course, you will analyze an existing strategic plan based on the information you have learned throughout the coursework in your MBA program.

    Research and select a sample strategic plan in an industry with which you are familiar or interested. (THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE YOUR IDEA FOR A SPIN!!!) Be sure it includes the various components of a typical strategic plan. Reference Figure 1.1 “Identifying a Company’s Strategy—What to Look For” in Ch. 1 of your text.

    Identify in 350 to 525 words what the plan does well and areas for improvement.

    Discuss whether the plan:

    • Clearly states where the organization is going and how it will get there
    • Evaluates the organization’s external and internal environments
    • Includes a people plan and addresses the achievement of a diverse workforce
    • Includes corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability
    • Submit the plan and its citation to your faculty member for approval. This will be used in Wks 4 and 5 of the course.

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