wk 1 question

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in 250 words awnser the following

imagine yourself as an advisor to an upper-level manager in a  professional sport organization. You have been tasked with evaluating  the response to a recent change your sport organization was forced to  make. This change was brought forth by an imminent need to repair the  public’s view of the organization. Management is interested to hear how  the change will impact the organization.

Select an issue from the list provided below as well as a real-world sport organization that was impacted by this same issue (please do not select a high school or college-level organization).

  • Concussions/player safety
  • Ethical business practices
  • Recruiting practices
  • Cheating on the field ********** use this one
  • Professional/personal conduct
  • Player associations
  • Expansion/relocation

The issue and organization you select will become the focus of your  final project, so be sure to think through your selection process and  find something that is of interest to you. Note that the issue and  organization you select are subject to the approval of your instructor.

For  your initial post, share with the class the issue and the organization  you have selected. Then provide a brief description of how the issue has  impacted the organization.


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