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Week 2           Biological Processes – Physical Development, Aging and Health


Resources       -Chapters 3 & 4

– Video: Chapter 3 (Physical Changes; age 72)

– Video: Chapter 4 (Bulimia & Eating Disorders)

– Video: Chapter 4 (Children, Nutrition & Obesity)

Threaded       Thread 1: Aging:

Post an explanation of two problems and/or conditions


associated with aging. Then identify and describe strategies that can be                              used to mitigate the impact of these conditions or improve the                                              problems/conditions you describe.

Post your answers by day 3 of this week. Respond to at least one                                   colleague’s posting by Day 5 of this week.

Application    Healthy Growth:

In a 2-3 page paper, identify and describe at least 2


common obstacles and/or societal concerns about healthy growth for each                          of the following stages of development: childhood, adolescence, and                                adulthood. Also, provide potential solutions or strategies for promoting                                   healthy growth at each of these stages. Select obstacles that are of                                         particular interest to you.

Submit your assignment by Day 6.

Application assignments are submitted according to the week in which the                         Application is submitted. For example, the Week 2 Application will be                               saved as

APP2+last name+your first initial.


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