When Does a Physical Change Occurs

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  1. A physical change ____

    occurs when iron rusts.

    occurs when glucose is converted into energy within your cells.

    occurs when water is evaporated.

    occurs when sugar is heated into caramel.


  1. Determine the volume of an object that has a mass of 455.6 g and a density of 19.3 g/cm3.

    23.6 mL

    42.4 mL

    31.2 mL

    87.9 mL


  1. How many mg does a 690. kg sample contain?

    6.90 × 107 mg

    6.90 × 10-3 mg

    6.90 × 106 mg

    6.90 × 108 mg  


  1. Which of the following statements about the phases of matter is TRUE?

    In both solids and liquids, the atoms or molecules pack closely to one another.

    There is only one type of geometric arrangement that the atoms or molecules in any solid can adopt.

    Liquids have a large portion of empty volume between molecules.

    Solids are highly compressible.  


  1. What answer should be reported, with the correct number of significant figures, for the following calculation?  (965.43 × 3.911) + 9413.4136

    1.32 × 104


    1.319 × 104



  1. Decanting is _____

    dissolving a solid into a liquid.

    separating a solid from a liquid by pouring off the liquid.

    a process in which the more volatile liquid is boiled off.

    pouring a mixture through a filter paper to separate the solid from the liquid.  


  1. The density of air under ordinary conditions at 25°C is 1.19 g/L. How many kilograms of air are in a room that measures 11.0 ft × 11.0 ft and has an 10.0 ft ceiling? 1 in. = 2.54 cm (exactly); 1 L = 103 cm3

    40.8 kg

    0.152 kg

    3.66 kg

    4.08 × 104 kg


  1. Which of the following represents a chemical property of hydrogen gas?

    It is gaseous at room temperature.

    It is tasteless.

    It is less dense than air.

    It reacts explosively with oxygen. 


  1. How many cm3 are contained in 3.77 × 104 mm3?

    3.77 × 106 cm3

    3.77 × 1020 cm3

    3.77 × 101 cm3

    3.77 × 10-10 cm3


  1. The outside temperature is 35°C, what is the temperature in K?

    95 K

    308 K

    31 K

    63 K


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