What is Human Intelligence?

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Scholarly vs. popular sources

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After watching the video on scholarly vs popular sources, use the library’s online databases (such as the EBSCO Suite, the Proquest Suite, etc.), to find a scholarly journal article and a popular periodical on a human rights issue. Try to find a popular and a scholarly article that focus on the same specific issue. Their focus should be as similar as possible. Compare and contrast your scholarly journal article with your popular publication (magazine, newspaper, or trade publication). Which did you learn more from? You can be honest, there is no right answer! Just support your choice.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 350 words. Please respond to at least 3 other students


Collections Planning Project – GradedEach week, forum discussions should include: substantive 250+ word initial answer; initial answer posted by Thursday at 11:55pm ET; follow-ups to classmates posted by Sunday at 11:55pm ET.View Full Description

The midterm project challenges most people, but in different ways. I would like you to think about the midterm project and share your idea and lessons learned. Be sure to interact with others. This is an opportunity to get positive about what you have learned and why it is important to you.

Please share the major lessons you have learned while undertaking the midterm project. I understand you have not yet completed or submitted this project. As you proceed, though, you will have run into questions, concerns, ideas, conclusions, etc., and this is the forum in which you are expected to discuss these. There are three elements to this:

1) State positively two things you have learned in short sentences and give a brief explanation.

2) Why is this a positive learning experience and what can you take away and apply outside this class (at work, in other classes, etc.)?

3) Why is creativity and imagination critical to learning and what have you learned about yourself in the process?

We learn only because in our minds we are curious and ask questions…then we search for clues to the answers. Learning is a matter of how you think, about how you approach the problems you face. This assignment was challenging. But even more challenging is the ability to reflect and think about what you have actually learned.

To help you open your mind a bit, to reassemble how you approach learning, I have included a video of Richard Feynman. Feynman was Nobel winning physicist, worked on the Manhattan Project, and quite possibly might be one the finest minds in modern time. He attended MIT and Princeton and worked at Cal Tech. I want you to watch this video, to think about getting past the initial impressions and how you can search in depth for the real lessons you have learned.

Richard Feynman – The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

You will NOT be able to see any other student postings UNTIL you provide your initial response to the above prompt. If you elect to respond first, and then read the other original postings, this will cause a 10 point penalty in your score. I want to see your organic thinking before you jump in and start sharing. I will be able to quickly see that you have an original posting first.

To order to achieve outstanding grades you need to far exceed the basic expectations set in the forums.

Use examples, demonstrate you have read the materials, and apply critical thinking skills to earn maximum points on this board. Show your sources as well…it assists in the rigor of your thinking. You are welcome to draw on additional readings, but your work must at least reflect that you’ve completed the required readings.

For this discussion forum (and all subsequent discussion forums) you must contribute one posting that includes your original response to the topic and at least two postings that reflect on the contributions of another student. Remember to challenge yourself, others, and me. The more you push yourself and post the better the experience you will have.


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