What I Think About My Race

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Question Description

I’m stuck on a Sociology question and need an explanation.

Please respond to these questions about you:

  • “What four things am I Most Proud of About My Race” 
  • “How My Life Would be Different if I was (African American, European American (Caucasian), Hispanic, Muslim American, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Native American)”? (Or other, Choose a culture that is not your own)

a)In education 

b)In my neighborhood 

c)In my religion 

d)In my family life

e)In the justice system

f)Other (you decide)

  • “What role should law enforcement play in racial equality in your community?
  • “What I can do to reduce prejudice and discrimination in the world”
  • One thing I wish everyone would understand when it comes to race in America.


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