Week 5: Ethics and Contemporary issues project Introduction, Background and Ethical Challenges

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This week you will compose the opening sections of your ethical response to the controversial issue you have chosen.  Next week, you will complete the response by adding solutions and a conclusion section.  This week’s response should be organized as follows:

  • Introduction: in one to two paragraphs, introduce the topic you have chosen.  This section may be similar to what you wrote at the beginning of the academic research assignment in Week 4.  Tell the reader what your topic is, why you have chosen it, and why people should care about it.
  • Background: in a few paragraphs, tell your reader about the history and context of your chosen topic.  What social, political, cultural, or technological factors have shaped attitudes toward this topic, and how have attitudes about this topic changed over time?  Why is this particular topic especially relevant today?
  • Ethical Challenges: In a few more paragraphs, outline the key ethical challenges raised by your chosen topic.  For purposes of this assignment, think of an ethical challenge as a problem with several possible solutions, none being perfect.  Next week you will discuss possible solutions, but for this week you will simply focus on laying out the dilemmas your topic poses.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Length: at least 750 words
  • Format: use the standard APA-style document template
  • Research: cite at least three sources–these may be the same sources you used in last week’s assignment (but you are welcome to use additional sources as needed)

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