week 3 assignment 9

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unit 3 assignment

For this assignment, describe at least one direct and one indirect assessment method, a FBA, and one other assessment method of your choosing that you would use to assess Matt. Discuss each assessment method in detail, the outcome of the assessment, reliability/validity data for the measure, as well as your rationale for its use and any ethical considerations that may be of concern. In addition, provide a brief discussion of the treatment plan that you believe would be useful to implement for Matt based on your assessment, and how you would go about doing so in a manner which complies with the ethical guidelines. Be creative in making up results for the assessment tests, and do your best to provide a concise and effective treatment plan based on the results of your assessment.
Page length 3-4 pages. APA style. Title page and final references included.

Case Study Project Script :
Matt is a 38 year old white male with limited cognitive abilities and a below average IQ (he tested at 89 on the Stanford-Binet 6 months ago). Specifically, Matt struggles with paying attention due to his ADHD. This disability is compounded by his ongoing struggles with alcoholism and cannabis use, for which he is currently seeking treatment in an outpatient setting. Matt has been working in a supported employment setting as a grocery store clerk for the past 3 years with minimal concerns. However, within the past 6 months, his job coach reports that he seems to be deteriorating in functioning. He is unable to focus, can’t seem to complete his weekly orders on time or without errors, and he has been spoken to twice about making sure that all the items on the shelf are fresh and not beyond their expiration date. Matt complains that the music which is piped in throughout the store is distracting to him, and he says that he starts to sing along with the song and loses his train of thought. Matt continues to struggle with all of these tasks and is in jeopardy of losing his job. Physically, Matt also complains of headaches, shakiness and lightheadedness sporadically throughout the day. He attributes this to his diabetes for which he is currently taking insulin and monitoring his blood sugar daily. What assessments would you recommend giving Matt to see what is really going on? Any concerns about using direct observation? Ethical concerns? It is time for you to assess Matt and provide a treatment plan. Be sure to read the Assignment directions carefully
to ensure all required content is provided, before submitting the Assignment.

Case Study Template
Client Name:
Marital Status:
Home/living situation:
# of children/pets:
Work/vocation/job situation:
DSMIV-Diagnosis/Presenting Problem:
Physical  condition(s)/Illness:
Target behavior(s):
Antecedent Stimuli/Cues:
Consequences which are Maintaining Behavior/Function of the Behavior:
Client preferences:
Socio-cultural factors:
Reinforcers/Punishers for target behaviors:
Other relevant factors:

For Reference : Textbook Information
  Title:  Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 2nd Expanded Edition
  Author:  Bailey, J., & Burch, M.
  ISBN: 9780415880305
  Publisher: Routledge, Taylor and Francis


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