week 2 task 8

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Building Blocks for HR Compliance posted by
Amber Free

From this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings article, Building Blocks for HR Compliance discusses the significance of implementing and upholding HR policies for a more effective organization. The premise of the article is informative on workplace compliance and employment law practices with the goal of business excellence. Author Michael R. Hatcher provides the employment law regarding retaliation in the workplace. “Retaliation can generally be defined as any adverse employment action in response to protected activity. Adverse action can include termination, harassment, reduction in hours, job transfers and denial of training. Protected activity includes complaining of discrimination, alleging harassment, going to a state agency, or requesting an accommodation. A 2006 Supreme Court decision in Burlington Northern v. White established for the first time that an adverse action supporting a retaliation claim that does not cause tangible economic harm, e.g., reassignment to a lesser job or suspension without pay that is later repaid, can still constitute retaliation in violation of Title VII. This is a significant departure from prior case law and may require reevaluation of unresolved claims” (Hatcher, 2007, p. 55). What I found most interesting about this article was how the author defined retaliation then used employment law and the support of Title VII to demonstrate awareness for organizations to maintain compliance. Additionally, this informs HR, employers, and employees what retaliation is to further evaluate when making employment decisions and avoid within the organization to achieve overall excellence and employment lawful compliance.


Hatcher, M. R. (2007). Building Blocks for HR Compliance. Community Banker, 16(1), 54.


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