week 2 consult the shrink

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What would you do?

You sell corporate financial products, such as pension plans and group health insurance. You are currently negotiating with Paul Scott, treasurer of a Fortune 500 firm, for a sale that could be in the millions of dollars. You feel you are in a strong position to make the sale, but two competitors are also negotiating with Scott, and it could go either way. You have become friendly with Scott, and over lunch one day he confided in you that he has recently been under treatment for manic depression. It so happens that in your office there is a staff psychologist who does employee counseling. The thought has occurred to you that such a trained professional might be able to coach you on how to act with and relate to a personality such as Scott’s, so as to persuade and influence him most effectively. Would you consult the psychologist?

Your decision?
a. Would consult
b. Would not consult
c. Unsure

Rationale? ____________________________________


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