watching the entire video, write a dance critique.( know about element of dance, time, space, energy.)

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After watching the entire video, please submit your dance critique.

1) Pick maximum two dance pieces that you liked or disliked and critique in detail.

2) Identify the elements of dance (Specify the three elements of dance ,limit to the Time, Space and Energy)

3) Personal reflection.(Must be directly related to the dance critique)

When you identify the elements of dance, please make sure to specify what they are.( Time, space or energy) When you mentioned the element of dance, please specified them as follow,” As an element of space, the dancer created the figure eight as a distinctive floor pattern throughout the piece…” It won’t get any points if you just mentioned them without specifying what they are.

Minimum 800 words, font 12, and double spaced. You must submit the assignment with the Word document only.

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