waste food in the u s solution donation

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I need probably a short paragraph 150 to 180 words discuses how we can stop wasting food through donation and the assignment should follow these steps. so, please follow these steps when you write the paragraph


  • Description
  • Whether/how/how well it satisfies the decision criteria
  • Research proving whether or it is feasible


Solution 3: Composting

Composting is the act of taking biodegradable materials and letting them break down into a fertilizer.

Biodegradable materials in a landfill create methane gas, and also add to the runoff that can potentially find its way into local water systems. Instead of putting all of these materials in a landfill, compost added to soil can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, and encourages higher yield in crops. Compost can also renew contaminated soils and air, and increase water retention in the soil.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2015, around 51.1% of waste that ended up in landfills could have been composted (1). That is 70 million tons of waste that did not need to be put in a landfill, and comparing that to the 68.7 million tons that was composted, the United States could reduce waste in this regard by double


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