Walden University Strengths and Limitations of Single Subject Design Discussion

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Discussion: Choosing and Using Single-Subject Design

Social workers serve clients in highly complex real-world environments. Clients often implement recommended interventions outside of social workers’ direct observation. Yet, evidence-based research calls for establishing cause-and-effect between selected interventions and client outcomes as much possible. So, how do social workers truly know the intervention itself—and not some external factor—is causing the change in a given client? To meet this challenge, social workers must understand the study designs available to them and all the variations of that design that can increase the rigor of the experiment and improve the likelihood of verifying a cause-and-effect relationship.

In this Discussion, you analyze the strengths and limitations of single-subject design and explore the many variations of the design that use baseline and treatment phases.

  • Define single-subject design and identify two strengths and two limitations.
  • Describe and assess the study design in the provided research article. (Attached but can use a different article if that is easier. The one provided was difficult for me to follow.)
  • Suppose you would like to evaluate the outcomes of your chosen EBP intervention on your client Tiffani. How would you do so? Which single-subject design (e.g., AB, ABC, ABAB, BAB) would you choose and why?

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