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minimum of 2.5 pages

Answer the questions and develop a treatment plan with the appropriate practitioner (psychologist, social worker, substance abuse counselor, etc.). 

Mary Adams and her family: Expanding the social support network

The Adams family consists of Frank and Mary (the parents) and two teenaged children,

Julie and Bill. The family was referred by CPS when Julie ran away from home following

an argument with her mother over chores which resulted in a beating from her father.

Confrontations over non-compliance with house rules and non-participation in church

activity have escalated over the past year. Frank and Mary are heavily involved in their

church, which has rules about how members should dress. They attend church

meetings four days a week. Julie and her parents have major conflicts over these rules.

While assessing the family’s social support network, you discover it consists almost

exclusively of church contacts. Mary’s network consists of five people, including Frank,

Julie, Bill, her pastor, and her pastor’s wife. The family has just moved to an apartment.

They know no one in the building. Mary agrees to work with you on expanding her

social support network.


● Brainstorm ways in which you might help Mary expand her social support


● What skills might you teach her to enable her to expand her network?

● What might be an appropriate homework assignment?

● What might be a reasonable goal?

Which practitioner is best to deal with this case?


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