Vocational and Domestic Orientated Classes Questions

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In your discussion reading you will learn how Mexicans embraced their own unique American identity. With this video we will watch this manifest itself in the young people (once again) of the Los Angeles community as they push back against stereotypes and forge ahead to fight for their own identities and rights.

Watch this video (approx. 54 minutes) and complete the worksheet below:



Worksheet for Episode 3: Chicano! Taking back the schools.

1. What issues/complaints did the students have about the schools in East Los Angele? (min. of 2)

2. What politicized the students?

3. How did the push for assimilation influence the students’views of themselves and their parents?

4. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson noted that over half of the Mexican American students had less that ____ (#) years of education.

5. Identify and describe ultimate fate of:

a. Sal Castro:

b. LA 13:

6. The role of the Brown berets:

7. Describe the students’ relationship with the police and FBI.

8. Significance of the walkouts, where they successful? 


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