UWG The Parenting Classes in Male Prisons Gain Popularity Discussion

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Chapter 7 focuses on inmate demographics. This discussion will focus on the parenting programs prisons have for female inmates. Many prisons and jails, that hold females, offer classes and programs on how to be a good parent and take care of children. However, these type classes are almost never offered in male prisons. In no less than 300 words, draft a post on if you think that male prisons should have parenting classes. Should they be mandatory? Would they be a waste of time? 


1. Incarcerated women with children face many issues after getting arrested. Some result from their lives before imprisonment, others from their imprisonment itself. Women in prison have experienced victimization, unstable family life, school and work failure, substance abuse, and mental health problems. The reasoning for why many prisons and jails, which hold females, offer classes and programs on being a good parent and taking care of children. I believe male prisons should have a mandatory parenting class for dads. National surveys of women prisoners find that three-fourths of them were mothers, with two-thirds having children under eighteen. Children may be traumatized by their mother’s arrest, and the sudden, forced separation imprisonment brings. Emotional reactions such as anger, anxiety, depression, and aggression have been found in the children of incarcerated mothers (Muraskin,2012). However, the effects of fatherless homes are just as serious to children’s development as an incarcerated mother.
Parenting is not a gender-exclusive idea and treating male inmates who are parents as such does not help them or the children. Children whose fathers are incarcerated are more likely to struggle and become offenders themselves. Many male inmates who have children find it challenging to be decent fathers to them once they have completed their term because they lack the necessary parenting tools and do not know how to fulfill parental responsibilities. Over the last few decades, father involvement has expanded. The position of dads in their families has shifted from fathers’ views as distant breadwinners to a more holistic acknowledgment of fathers as equal co-parents. Most fathers are in jail because they were trying to provide for their families, but I believe they receive the parenting classes and see that proving is not the only thing a child needs. Fewer fathers would get reincarcerated. So, I would not believe the parenting classes would be a waste for father inmates and should be mandatory.

2. Male individuals commit the bulk of crimes while simultaneously remaining the largest group that is under correctional supervision. Data collected in the year of 2015 displays that a total of 73 percent of individuals who were arrested were male while 92.5 percent of the prison population were male. Seemingly, only 7.5 percent of the prison population at the time were women and when individuals think of prison they often think of a large/dangerous male rather than a female. Thus, male offenders are consistently associated with violence, roughness, and cruelty. Therefore, male offenders are regarded as mainly involved in violent crimes. Evidently, male offenders make up the majority of murder, non-negligent manslaughter arrests, and robbery arrests. Additionally, male offenders make up 88.1 percent of all murder/non-negligent manslaughter arrests along with 85.3 percent of all robbery arrests. I believe male prisons should definitely have parenting classes and rehabilitative services for males that are often violent in hopes of tackling their violent tendencies. Due to the large presence of male offenders in prison, many children/adolescents are left without a father figure in their life. Therefore, parenting classes need to be administered to male offenders in order to teach them parenting skills that they never had time to develop due to their incarceration. Thus, it is vital that male offenders receive the same parenting classes that women receive in order for these two groups to be even and efficient in their parenting skills. A child is not only the mother’s responsibility but the father is also responsible for the child. Parenting classes for male offenders should be mandatory as they do not cause any harm but rather these classes have an objective of assisting these male offenders in having a relationship with their current/future children. Therefore, there should be no reason that these classes shouldn’t be administered. How can we expect these individuals to learn skills that they were never taught or skills that were never displayed in their childhood through their mother and father? Thus, these classes are not a waste of time but rather beneficial in every aspect and can equip male offenders with the proper skills to garner a relationship with their current or future children.


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