Use Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage data

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Use Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage data.


You must have the Access Database system installed for this assignment. You should have imported the Books2010 database into Access.

Using the schema in the Books2010 database, write SQL statements for these questions:

  1. The Name, City and State of all employees that work for Scootney Books
  2. Title of all books published in Boston
  3. Name of all female authors & titles that wrote romance books after June 2010
  4. Full name of every employee that is a Marketing manager in order< hint: fullname is lastname concatenated to firstname, separated by a blank.>
  5. All authors that received a royalty greater than 10
  6. Title and price of all books that sell for less than $20 written by Green

In a word document copy each of the questions in BOLD.

After each question, place the SQL statement in text.

After the text, place the screen shot of the execution from Access. Start a new page with the next question.

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