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According to the theory of distributive justice known as ‘Justice as Equality’, the difference in the two salaries would not be acceptable when applied to a strict egalitarian view point. Justice as equality means that every person would have the equal opportunity for everything which includes things like health care, education, and job opportunities. People who believe in a strict version of this also believe that all people should have equal shares of society’s benefits and burdens. Egalitarians who believe in this strict view say that there are no differences between people, so all people should be treated as equals. With this being said, when it comes to the scenario about the average pay of a nurse and the average pay of a basketball player, people who believe in justice as equality would expect these people to make the same amount of money and both have the same benefits and opportunities. However, there are also more moderate egalitarians who believe slightly less extreme ideas about justice as equality. These moderate egalitarians believe that all people should have political equality, but not economic equality. This means that all people would have the equal right to vote, run for office, and rights to due process; however, when it comes to economics, they believe that everyone should be given the same opportunities and not just the same amount of wealth.

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