unit 6 assignment 5

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You will process a variety of porous and nonporous items for latent prints using black fingerprint powder or crushed charcoal. Describe your experience in a 300–500-word essay, addressing the following questions: 1.How many different prints or partial prints did you locate? 2.What types of objects did you lift the prints from? Where were they located? 3.What supplies did you use? What technique did you use to apply the powder? 4.Did you expect to find more prints, or fewer? 5.Can you identify the prints as different from one another? How? It is very important to pick a variety of different surfaces for this Assignment. Please attempt at least 5–10 different types of surfaces (porous and nonporous). What are some types of surfaces that you would expect to find fingerprints on? •Microwave, oven, door knob, window, sliding-glass door, bathroom mirror, toilet seat, paper items around the house, cars, soda cans, bowls and dishes, glasses, etc. Your paper should be longer than 300 words. Provide as many details about your successes and failures as you can.


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