assessment task 3 group report

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1200 words written report

Meetings are an integral part of business life. However, while meetings “can be productive and improve team bonding”, if they are not planned or conducted well “they can seriously damage productivity and morale” (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, & Lewis, 2015, p. 372). For the report, imagine yourself working for an organisation (this can be based on your study area of potential career path). You are tasked with writing a report, either written or recorded presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi or other form of slide presentation), identifying factors involved in conducting successful and productive meetings.

Points to consider in the report include (but are not limited to):

  • Types of meetings and purposes of meetings
  • Role of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Factors involved in planning for and conducting successful and productive meetings

You are required to research and include
at least five (5) reputable references in the report. Any information that you take from external sources must be referenced and a reference list included, either at the end of the written report or on the final slide of the recorded presentation. The additional inclusion of journal articles is highly recommended. You are to use the
APA (American Psychological Association) style of referencing in your report.


Written reports should meet the following format and style specifications:

  • Report structure of report: Title page; Table of contents using the MS Word automatic table structure; Executive summary or Abstract(which summarises the main points made in the body of the report); Body of report with Introduction, topics/points under headings (and if appropriate subheadings) and Conclusion/Recommendations; Reference list.
  • 11 or 12 point font size with headings 13 and subheadings 12 and bold. This is only a guide – the important aspect is that your report looks professional.
  • 1.5 line spacing.
  • Have paragraphs of no more than four or five sentences and use bullet points where appropriate (do not overuse them and make sure you introduce them).
  • Ensure information from sources is paraphrased and not quoted (direct quotes are rarely used in reports).
  • Use third person. (‘It is’ not ‘I’; ‘It can be shown that’, not “I have shown’.
  • Dictionary – Australian English (Macquarie or Oxford Australian).
  • Title page, Table of contents, Executive summary or Abstract and Reference list are not counted in the word count – only the report from the introduction to the conclusion/recommendations is counted in the word count.

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