i need help writing a min of a 3 page paper on american foreign policy and concepts of internationlism isolationism

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I have retrieve some databases from the CSU library and attached them. If they do not come through please contact me .

As you have learned in this course, politics are an inherent part of government and every citizen’s life. In this unit, we

discussed three types of American policy, domestic, economic, and foreign, and how these policies affect the United States

domestically and abroad. The shared powers granted by our Constitution often lead to an overlap in responsibility during

policymaking referred to as an invitation to struggle. Once established, American policy often affects other nations around

the world. This is evidenced in part by the concepts of isolationism and internationalism.

For this assignment, you will select one type of policy, domestic, foreign, or economic, covered in the unit, describe its

purpose and goals, and explain how it affects relationships between the United States and other nations.

In addition, you will discuss how the policy you chose affects U.S. strategy on isolationism or internationalism and how the

media influences such decisions. You must use the databases of the CSU Online Library to locate at least three academic

articles that support your position.

Finally, in your paper, you will discuss why the shared power of the three branches of government is sometimes referred to

as an invitation to struggle about policymaking for foreign affairs.

Your paper should consist of at least three pages. Also, any sources used should be cited and referenced properly using

APA formatting. Times Roman 12pt.


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