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Briefly describe copyright, public domain, and fair use. Provide a unique example of fair use. Provide an example of when copyright would be violated.


Books, Magazines, songs, photos, and software all have copyrights. Copyrights are when you have exclusive legal right given to an originator or an assignee. That means that you own what you produce, sing, write or and various other things. So if anyone wants to use it or download it has to have permission from the copyright holder or its agent.

Public domain is when your copy rights have expired or they never had one. Things like ideas, facts, data, and logo tags do not have copyrights. So there for they can be use by the public.

The Fair Use act is when something can be quoted like in teaching, news, and research. This is considered reproduction of copyright that can be used without permission.

Example of a copyright

I went to Walmart to do some shopping. While I was there I picked up the movie Tammy it’s supposed to be a funny movie. Checked out went home had a few friends come over to have some drinks and watch the movie. We drank laughed at some pretty funny parts then the movie ended. My friend asked if she could take it home and burn it or down load something to that effect. I told her to buy her own because I don’t like lending my things out to people. Also advised her that downloading or burning things you did not purchase is a violation of the copyright law and could be prosecuted my law.





Copyright is when the author has the right to copy or sell his or her own material.  This includes written material, music, movies, video, art, and etc.  Everyone else is not able to copy and/or sell someone else material.


 Public domain is not copyright protected and we are able to do what we need to do with the material.


 Fair use is when you are able to use some material for research, teaching, and etc that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission.


 An example of fair use is in our family’s business when my husband is able to copy a rail section procedure from a manual  (which is copyright) so he will be able to properly section a rail in a car and then put the procedure into the cars work folder.  Now if we sold the material and/or put the procedures in emails to our customers, we would be violating the law because the material is copyrighted.


Search Engines Coral Wiley Email this Author 3/3/2015 5:33:17 PM
Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing can be useful to an everyday search. We all have random questions and in most instances you can type a keyword into a search engine and find some information regarding the question at hand. This information is usually casual enough to satisfy our questions. These kinds of search engines will turn up a lot of information. The list of different web sites they will bring up from one search feels endless and so the amount of information available from the search can feel daunting. However I don’t really think anyone ever actually goes past the first page. Most people don’t even go past the first few web sites brought up.

While these search engines can be useful in finding large amount of information about a topic in the search bar the kind of web sites or even articles and journals they bring up are not always the best quality. We have all seen a viral video, picture or headline story. These kinds of posts circling around the internet are often fake, photoshopped, and unreliable when looking for truth. The desire to entertain and be entertained crosses lines on the internet if looking for truth. So the limitation with searching for information through these search engines is the quality of information that is accessable through them. Nothing of substance is easily readable, so the danger of this is when someone reads it thinking it is credible and then goes around quoting it or even referencing it in a report. Proper research is conducted with scholarly reviewed work.

Week 2 Discussion 2 Luther Hendricks Email this Author 3/3/2015 7:07:58 PM

Search engines are not limited to Google and Wikipedia. There are a lot of them which are specific for providing specific information. Different websites also offer an option to search within the website through a search tab located at the top of it. There is a variety of information available after using the search bars. You can generate a vast variety of information sources through a single search. For example you are looking for information about your assignment. Your searching will result in number of tutorials, free eBooks and a lot of material in the form of blogs and articles. Though there are risks, the Internet doesn’t have to be a dangerous place for kids. It can be a great resource for homework help, playing games, expressing creativity or visiting fan sites. By being aware of the new threats, parents should learn all the dangers of using the Internet and then take corresponding measures to avoid those Internet dangers happened to your children. Yes, the web has made it easier than ever to communicate, but with that ease come unwanted threats. And kids are the most vulnerable. You can’t limit your kids from using the Internet, because these days it’s a part of their natural development. As parents, what you can do is learn to make them safe. There are scenarios in which appliances and Internet based search engines will not get the job done and relying on them for certain mission critical tasks is a mistake. These limitations do not only apply to Google, but also to other in house search solutions that are based on or derived from Internet search engine technology. Many Internet search engines are optimized to retrieve pre defined, specific and precise specifications. For those instances, one must know exactly what words to use and the search result for these words will be very precise and accurate. This is “focalized” search, a technique that provides little to no ability to explore data; it is assumed the user knows the exact terms to investigate. This fit very well in a basic retrieval model, but if one does not know exactly what words to use in the search then traditional search tools will not help

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