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One of the important benefits of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is that they allow marketers to easily learn what consumers are saying about their brand and about the competition. To better understand that process, you can go out to Twitter and conduct a little detective work to see what consumers are saying about a brand.


This week for your discussion, select a product type and particular brand of that product to study it can be in any product category you choose.


Go to Search for your selected brand and see what is revealed. After you have reviewed the results, provide a summary of the following information:


The number of tweets that are positive

The major aspects of the brand that people think are positive

The number of tweets that are negative

The major aspects of your brand that people think are negative

The number of tweets that ask questions.


For your reply post, discuss whether the data that the other student collected speaks to the brand’s equity/strength in the marketplace.


This is the reply post:




This was my first experience with Twitter.  I decided to look into Ruger because I like the guns that this company makes and I was curious as to what a global market might be saying about the products made by this gun manufacturing company.


I came across two Ruger Twitter accounts.  One appears to be from the gun manufacturer themselves and the other seems to be hosted by fans of the brand.  I chose the Ruger Forum Twitter account to use for this discussion post.  Most of the Tweets or re tweets appear to be positive with a few that scrutinize the brand.  The negative tweets seem to be from other gun brand supporters or a Ruger purchaser who had an issue with a firearm they may have purchased.


The tweets give insight from gun purchasers and allow for potential new firearm purchasers to see what the good and bad parts of new guns made by Ruger might be.  Things like grips, magazine capacity and trigger pulls from different models were all discussed.  Ruger uses the Twitter account to let followers know of new products and accessories that were being made or sold.  The Twitter account made me think of a real time Q and A session that gives users actual responses to concerns they may have when purchasing a firearm.


The site showed a following of over 12 thousand users.  Most of the positive tweets about the Ruger brand were with the guns they make for concealed carry.  People seem to like the LC9 for a backup carry gun but chose the SR9 for their daily carry.  There is a Tweet forum for couples to discuss who the better shot is and this helps to show that gun range practice shooting can be a family event when done safely.  Negative Tweets around this were few but involved one that sited no apparent need for hi capacity magazines.  I was surprised that the users left this alone and basically ignored the person.


There are many Tweets listed from Ruger that ask questions in order to start a conversation amongst users and followers of Ruger’s forum page on Twitter.  There was a Tweet started by Ruger on Labor Day to remember those who have worked to make America great and it had over 29 thousand likes.  This turned into some arguments of Unions and brand favorite gun manufacturers.  Twitter certainly has made an impact on the firearm purchasers of the Ruger brand.  It not has followers engaged in discussions about Ruger made firearms but also into politics and daily life.


One Tweet that I thought of as a bit odd was one that asks users to show their beloved firearms.  This has the followers showing off their collection of firearms.  To me this was going to be a lame discussion because well, all guns would look the same (all the same models).  However, it got me thinking of why this would be a good thing for Ruger and what I came up with was that Ruger could get their followers to show off their customizations and added upgrades to Ruger guns.  This would make other followers want to upgrade their firearms with new grips or sights or paint jobs through Ruger.  It’s a plan that almost seemed to play into “up selling”.  All the followers would probably already have the Ruger firearm but now they could see what other Ruger owners have done to improve upon their firearm.


To sum it up; most tweets were positive, reliability and size were what users liked, negatives involved users that don’t like the Ruger brand and some users who oppose guns altogether.  Ruger listed many questions to gain follower insight and begin Ruger dialog.

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