reflection critical evaluation of your learning outcomes

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Hope you’re doing good. just i need 2 replies about 150-200 words for below topics. there are 2 same topics below , use word document for each reply and APA format(clearly avoid plagiarism). must provide 1 peer review reference for each reply.

Discussion 1.1: Reflection/Critical Evaluation of Your Learning Outcomes

I think my idea and decision of taking this course is a good one and will help me a lot in my personal and as well as professional lives. I have taken in various things from this course. It demonstrated me various things on the most ideal approach to carry on in any group and how the leadership process will be passed on and what are the things that we need to think about when any situation occurs. Decision sciences have created distinctive immense models of basic leadership authority, looking in judgement. Now, I can feel that I improved my knowledge and polished my skills related to management, ethical values and behavior, problem solving capability, steps to avoid conflicts and also resolving them, understanding the loopholes which lead to conflicts and decision making. All these points helped me to manage many situations and also to manage life in every difficult situation. I really hope I can use these skills and knowledge at my work place to serve my organization even better. This course had played a vital role and helped in playing the roles of better leader, make correct decisions, manage hard situations and resolve conflicts, etc.

I believe that I would be able to develop healthy and secure relationships which are very important for me as well as helps in my professional career. I will check my behavior of me. So, that everyone has a fair chance to develop themselves as a person.

In the presentation strategy, the data is dealt with and decision classes are done up. It is inside this setting the I will fight that best organization decision strategies can be enlightened by the story represent. By using all of these things what this course demonstrated me, I am ensure that I can be the best person of my organization while having out my individual influence or gathering part in my company. I wish all the achievement to all my related team-mates. Even when resolving conflicts, I learnt the way in which the situation is to be understood and act accordingly.

I’m going to utilize whatever i have learned skills during this course and implement whatever i have gained. what i learned in this course will be useful if i integrate or put my efforts to my present work space. I learned things like how to handle effective situations by scheduling meeting and discussing with my teammates to resolve the issues. So, I have learned lot of this from this course.

Discussion 1.1: Reflection/Critical Evaluation of Your Learning Outcomes

The interaction between users and people, for example (28), describes labor data, including surveys (226 people) to reduce the number of 35 years and to collect results. Make sure the most important change in the budget is to establish a consistent agreement with their part of the partnership. Sharing these lessons is also part of the information and commitment of the President to collect the instructions that are not necessary for pregnancy. With a positive point of view, we offer a wide range of ideas and ideas that help us to make fun and pleasure.

In this class I have worked quickly in the area and in the relationships of people. Employers need to think about the potential to share the new war with the literacy countries that I have studied and assessed. We have ideas about how we can communicate with the most important organization in the world. I know how to link a partnership that includes many places that are considered the source of human suffering. Consider the fascinating features of this work. In the same way, this system provides some of those who have helped me to measure the lowest air pressure to resolve the dispute between the vision and the one letter, to play in the right direction. I have spoken about human growth, problems, different ways and urban research methods. How to answer and order the killer in Phalala.

In this program I have good ideas during meetings and so on. I have a hard time with the use and benefits of their offices, homes and health, the rights and powers of governments, the real leader. They believe that this group is active in different countries. I know how to interpret a few things that look at the borders of the world, including the future. Companies and branches came to this area. It also helps you understand how you can adapt to the consolidated sections and integrate the above rules and see how to play all day, as a secret. I participated in the programming and integration of the program. How you can repay your payment, try it yourself

Note: Please write each Reply in a different word document.(Avoid Plagiarism).

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