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This paper is to be typed, double-spaced, four pages in length, and incorporate a minimum of 5 quotes from the readings. Please put these quotations in bold.

Please write an essay addressing both of the following questions:

  1. What are two of the major themes that Szalawitz addresses in the book that meant the most to you? Discuss them.

  1. Based on this book, what do you think Szalawitz advocates for addressing the problem of drug use, addiction, and overdose? Do you agree with these ideas? if so, why, and if not, why not?

Please include both a combination of facts and material from the readings with your own critical analysis and opinion. In other words, I want to know what YOU think about what you have read. Use quotations from the readings and examples from the class discussions to support your analysis. Make sure you can back your analyses up with evidence, either facts or quotations. Please pay attention to grammar, spelling, typos, sentence construction, etc.

Also, please include an introductory paragraph that introduces what you will be discussing, and a concluding paragraph at the end. Use subheadings for each section.

What I look for in your paper:

  1. Response to all components of the questions (clearly identifies the two themes; discusses Bourgois’s suggestions for addressing the problem of drug abuse; and your opinion of his suggestions).
  1. Analysis: Essay shows critical and original thinking, and depth of thought about the issues. Ideas are supported by evidence such as examples, facts, or quotations. Ideas are backed up with evidence, and unsupported generalizations are avoided.
  1. Writing: Essay is well-written and has a logical flow; grammatical errors and poor sentence construction (like run-on sentences) are avoided; poor spelling and typos are avoided.
  1. Format: Paper has an introductory paragraph; subheads are used for clarity to separate the sections of the paper; a concluding paragraph is at the end of the paper; and paper includes a minimum of 5 quotations properly formatted with page number citations (eg., Szalawitz suggests…. “xxxxx” (p. 327) and in bold.

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