individual reflection essay

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Instruction: This deliverable is an individual reflection paper. Everyone (individually) should think back to the entire project, and summarize your learning and gaining from the project, and also close the project with lesson learned, so it will benefit your next similar project. You should write up your detailed and thorough reflection in the paper format. Q&A or bullet point format is not acceptable. Organize the contents in paragraphs. Grammar and spelling checking is required.

The suggested page length is 1-2 pages, 1 inch margin all around, single space, and using 11 pt Times Roman font size. As with all milestones, plagiarism will not be tolerated. You should remember to cite your sources in the paper. Your reflection paper should clearly address the following questions in separate paragraphs:

 What have your team accomplished in this project?

 What was your (individual) role/responsibility/contribution in this project?

 What are the two top things (knowledge, skills, etc.) that you have learnt from this project and would carry to your other courses or future jobs? This includes

– Your knowledge about the selected company,

– Your skills of conducting business research,

– Your personal learning in time management, social and communication skills, collaboration techniques, etc.

 Is there any part of the project you and your team could do better if given another chance? Describe how.

 How’s your teamwork experience in this project? Any team working experience or lessons that you earned and would carry to your future courses or workplace?

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