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Final: The final research paper should examine a pressing social issue related to one of the ethnic groups we covered in class. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate critical thinking across various perspectives, problem-posing inquiries, and attainable answers to complex problems in society. The final paper must identify a research question, address that question, and suggest concrete solutions regarding a particular group. Students must pay attention to dissenting viewpoints, provide critical analysis, and incorporate references from the course and outside the course in the final paper. Topics MUST be approved by the instructor. This final paper, which should be an APA style formatted 5-6 page paper (8 pages MAX not including reference pages), double spaced in length, should not only include a critical analysis of the selected topic, but also should provide further research on the topic, and offer new interpretations, or creative ways to rethink about these varying issues within the United States. Sample topics could include: Health disparities, school to prison pipeline, immigration reform, culturally sensitive therapy, culturally competence child care, drug or alcohol dependency, mental health, etc. You will also be required to physically bring in your paper during finals week. More details and a grading rubric will be provided before the assignment is due. Students may work in pairs to complete research but need to turn in an individual assignment. Visit the campus writing center or review the APA style format guide book for further writing assistance:

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