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please do a peer review 200-300 words

8-1 Brave Woman Samiya 2 An elder sister is like a second mother for siblings. When you have an elder sister with you, she is your best friend. You would never feel alone and unsafe. I have an elder sister, Samiya. Samiya is always smiling and so pretty with her long black hair and brown big eyes, everyone who see her would be jealous of her beauty. She is so lovely and precious. She is someone who has always put her family first, providing her love, encouragement, and respect. Samiya is been like a pillar to her family since her early age. Similarly, Samiya use to sale vegetables from her vegetable garden and feed her family when she was only fourteen years old. She is been doing everything she can to make sure her family is safe and comfortable. Samiya is a very hard worker women who is always honest and loyal to her employer. Samiya is an inspiration to many young girls and women in our community. She volunteers in the community and encourage young girls and women to continue study and also arts. Samiya is a good dancer, she can perform cultural dance very well. She also teaches young girls and women to dance. She always dream to become a doctor since her childhood. When we were child, I use to become a patient and samaiya use to become a doctor and we would play every day. I still remember that day, I came home from school as usual. It was a bright sunny day. Neighbors were sitting outside and whispering to each other about something but I did not understand anything. I saw samaiya and our parents were sitting quietly on 8-1 Brave Woman Samiya 3 backyard with sad faces and eyes full of tears. I knew that something was not right. Samiya came near me and wishpered, “How would you feel if you can go to USA” ? I was so excited, I replied “ That would be the best day of my life”. My parents and samaiya were so excited and I saw tears of happiness rolling from their big brown eyes. We all got very excited because samaiya told us USA is a land of opportunities and better education. Samiya was only nineteen (19) years when she made a decision that completely changed her life and also the whole family. The decision she made was to move to USA from Nepal. It must be very hard for her to make that decision because she knew that everything is going to change including language, culture, neighbor, food etc. However, Samiya applied for our visa then we started our process to come to USA. It took almost 9 months to be in USA from the day we started process. Samiya was able to bring all of us here in states, I still feel like that was amazing and incredible to shift the whole family in different country in that early age. I am so proud of her. After three years of moving to states, Things had settle in USA for us. we were blessed with our new home and a car. She found a man of her dream then got married. she is blessed with a beautiful baby girl and a cute boy. Samiya’s love and support for our family is the most precious feeling. 8-1 Brave Woman Samiya 4 In conclusion, Never afraid to dream big and make life changing even for the better. The decisions we make every single day will affect our lives. Samiya is very brave women who would never give up no matter what. Samiya has always put her family first, providing her love, encouragement, and respect. She would face with any situations and problem to make her family is safe and comfortable, she respects, loves and encourages all family with support. Samiya is an inspiration and role model to me and many people in our community. She teach us to always put our family first, If you love and support your family you will never be alone. Samiya always dream to become a doctor since her childhood. Even after marriage, She continues her education to become a doctor. I wish to see her as a doctor someday soon.

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