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1. Choose a public health topic that interests you . . Make sure it is not too general. For instance instead of choosing US medical systems, a better choice would be the history of US medical systems or Medical system reformation. You can also choose specific diseases as long as you connect them with public concerns. For instance, if you choose heart disease make sure you discuss the effects of the disease on our communities, economy, governments etc. Remember to choose something that you are interested in, and keep it simple.

2. Format: Use the format for an argumentative five paragraph essay – it is a very basic format. – Introduction paragraph with thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. You must give citations throughout the document as well as include a reference/citation page (see example paper in writing links). You need to include a minimum of 4 separate sources

Possible Topics in Public Health

Gun laws and safety in schools/community

Bullying in schools and in social media- leading to depression/suicides in teens

Cell phone usage causing disease

Cognitive health for baby boomers; The impact of dementia on our society.

Immigration and health (topics of diseases/illness unique to this population; or the impact on

health care system)

Legalizing recreational (personal use) marijuana

Legalizing the right to die in California or the US in general

Nursing shortages or shortages in other health care providers (primary care physicians; CNA’s



Transgendered issues (bathroom/locker-room usage in schools/colleges and public venues)

Universal health care (not Obama Care- it’s different)

Vaping (e-cigarettes): harmful or good substitute for smoking cigarettes?

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