choose from one the topics below then write a 900 word essay based on a definition

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Week 7: Overview

This week requires you to write what is called a Definition Paper. You may wonder why this would be necessary since a dictionary will give a definition. However, in some cases more information is needed to support one’s concept of a definition. For example, the dictionary might define a classic car as one that meets specific criteria in age, body style, etc. But, one person might think there is more to a classic car. To that end, a definition paper would expand the characteristics of a classic car. So, you will have a dictionary as one source and at least one more source in your paper.Remember to cite these correctly in the text of your paper and list them on your Works Cited page. In addition to the essay, complete all other assignments and activities.

Essay #5: Definition

As stated in the Overview, you are to write a 900 word essay based on a definition. Start with the Dictionary Definition of your subject and then expand into more definitions based on peoples’ concepts of the subject. Explain, using examples, beliefs and other components. The textbook readings will help you to understand. Remember to cite sources that you use, even if it’s an interview with someone.

Choose one of the following subjects as your topic:



Remember that you are not allowed to use personal pronouns.

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