letter to my substance behavior

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Instructions: The student will have to identify a specific substance or behavior for a period of 1 week. The students should consider the use of the substance or the activity harmful, compulsive, or otherwise self-destructive or not beneficial.

You are required to examine the extent of your involvement with the substance or activity. Note information such as amounts consumed, amount of time engaged in activity, number of times engaged in activity, where acts occurred, times acts occurred, and any physiological, psychological, or sociological stressors. You are required to write a “Letter to my Substance/Behavior” – written in the first person to the substance/behavior from which you are abstaining, will be due before the abstinence period begins.

Letter to my Substance/Behavior

This 2-3-page paper (double-spaced, 1 inch margins) is to be written to the substance or behavior from which you are have chosen. This is to be written in the first person (e.g., “caffeine, you have always been there for me in the morning…”) and should cover the following 5 areas:

1.) How my addictive substance/behavior is loved and is considered a “friend” 2.) How my addictive substance/behavior is sensual (appeals to my senses)
3.) How my addictive substance/behavior provides “healing” or is a “balm” to my

emotional wounds
4.) How my addictive substance/behavior controls and promotes my feelings of

helplessness and entrapment
5.) How my addictive substance/behavior is hated – what it has “cost” me


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