assessment of respiratory status

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SCENARIO FROM TRANSCRIPT: Mary is a 53 year old Caucasian woman who had a heart attack 1 year ago that is being seen today for exacerbation of COPD, controlled Type II diabetes and depression since loosing her job 1 year ago. Mary is currently unemployed, receives government checks that aren’t enough for her to live on her own and has had to move in with her daughter and son-n-law. Todays’ chief complaint is a harsh productive cough with increased shortness of breath. Mary still smokes which is upsetting her daughter who has a young child who is bothered by the 2nd hand smoke. Upon examination Mary states she feels healthy, walks a 1/2 mile daily, follows her diet that was prescribed and is proud that her diabetes is controlled. Mary’s complains that she has a cough, shortness of breath and twitching tin her chest and is afraid that she may experience another heart attack. Mary states she smokes 20 cigarettes/day/1 pack and wants to know what she can do to prevent her self from having another heart attack. Mary expressed that she frustrated because her daughter and son n law are upset due to her smoking and if the ask her to leave she will have no place to live.

This paper must be APA format and will be due Monday, November 26th, 2018 by 11:59pm EST.

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