discussion board to align with the readings of weeks 1 and 2 which organizational management theory affect radixx my company

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This was the discussion board I posted:

I currently work for Radixx as a Technical Project Manager. Radixx seeks to accomplish a common goal while ensuring employee satisfaction. The operations of the company do not follow specialization or top-notch instruction, because the company feels this approach has less focus on the human side of an organization. While scientific methods have been known to work effectively in manufacturing, the neo-human theory has been known to have a humanistic approach that focuses on the needs of the employees, as well as achieving company goals (Braton, 2017). Radixx as a company believes in the well-being of the employees, as employee satisfaction brings about higher productivity.

Therefore, the operations of the company, do not follow a specific routine of work; employees are rather free to be creative and innovate as long as the focus aligns with the company goals. This has helped the company grow largely due to accepting and supporting new ideas that have enabled the company to gain a better competitive advantage. The company also uses teams when trying to achieve specific goals that require joint efforts.

Radixx applies is the Tuckman theory, when it comes to teamwork. This theory dictates different stages in the formation of a group which includes forming, storming, forming and performing. All employees in the company have been trained on the different stages of team formation. This has proven very helpful since knowing the possible challenges that occur at each stage, employees are able to work better and resolve conflicts arising easily and quickly. This prevents delays in handling the different tasks that the group has been assigned. With this knowledge, employees are at a better position to make decisions that help move the group to the next stage.


In discussion this week’s prompt, you included an element that underpins group formation. Tuckman’s theory offers insights for building successful teams. As we move forward in the course, this concept is one that you should explore as we address culture, ethics, and organizational dynamics.

To align with the readings of Weeks 1 and 2, which organizational management theory affect Radixx? Dunn’s (n.d.) article from the OERs offers schools of thought that might help with understanding the classical, behavior, human relations, etc., theories. Specifically, you say that the operations of the company “do not follow a specific routine of work; employees are rather free to be creative and innovate as long as the focus aligns with the company goals.” Can you expand on that thought and support it with one of the theorists (e.g., The Gilbreths, Follet), or perhaps the Human Relations Movement?

Dunn, C.P. (n.d.). History of Management: The evolution of management theory. [PDF]. Retrieved from http://faculty.wwu.edu/dunnc3/rprnts.historyofmanagementthought.pdf (THIS IS ATTACHED)


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