chaptrer 3 goal setting and career

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Chapter 3 Assignment

This activity is designed to help you begin the process of developing your own SMART goals.

Directions: Review each of the following general goals. For each of these goals, create a SMART goal statement.

1. I will find a part-time job.

2. will stick to my budget.

3. I will join a club.

4. I will learn a new language.

5. I will study harder.

6. I will learn to swim.

7. I will win my next race.

8. I will do volunteer work.

9. I will work with my career counselor.

10. I will graduate.

Chapter 3 Discussion Topic: Goal Setting and Career Decision Making (20 points) Discussion Forum

Task: Reply to a topic within this forum

a. Do you believe that goal-setting and decision making are both progressive processes? Explain in detail.

b. Discuss the value of failure on the road to success.

c. Discuss a public figure who has responded well to success.


This application-based exercise allows you to think critically about what you have learned in this chapter.

Based on what you learned about the career decision-making process in this chapter, choose a career decision you are currently trying to make and practice the decision-making process by answering each of the following questions:

  1. What am I trying to decide?
  1. What do I need to know?
  1. Why do I need to know it?
  1. How will it help me make a more informed decision?
  1. Why do I need to know it now?
  1. How can I obtain what I need to know?




  1. Who are the best resources for the information I need?
  1. Why do I think they are my best resources?
  1. How will you define career success?

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