what did you learn about yourself with the values exercise and how do you think it applies to the career planning process

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Answer the following questions in detail.

  • What did you learn about yourself with the values exercise and how do you think it applies to the career planning process? What major/occupation are you considering? How do you think your values match or don’t match this major/occupation?
  • Go to http://www.beverlyryle.com/prioritizing-grid and complete the grid by following the instructions. You will input your 10 Always Valued values. Or you can go to page 9 in your course packet and complete the paper/pencil prioritization grid. Review your prioritized Always Valued values, discuss your top 4 and define in specific detail what they mean to you.

  • Print out your prioritized grid and include with your paper.
  • If you do not do this then you will lose 5 points from your total
  • List at least 3 occupations and/or majorswhich would support your top “Always Valued” values?

Why would they be a good fit with your values?

  • List 5 things you love to do. Explain how and why they correlate to your “Always Valued” values.

Which of these areas might possibly be a potential major or career for you?

  • In what way do you think that it is helpful to be clear about your work/career values with regard to your career decision making? How is this new knowledge about your values going to help you in making your career/major decision?
  • Take a look at your Always Valued values. How might you “group” them into themes? What are those themes? i.e. working with people, working in a creative environment, working with numbers, working outdoors, etc. You should have between 3 – 4 groups. Describe in detail what you would like your work environment to look like in the future. This should include: describing people you might be working with, working inside or outside, type of industry, and maybe even a favorite company that you would like to work for.

Minimum of 1 Page

Required To Be Typed


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