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1. you will be choosing one short story or poem selecte 3 literary or poetic elements (from the list in the instructions below) to analyze. Additionally, you will use these 3 elements to argue that a work has a central theme, mood, or tone. For example, a thesis might read “Mary Geralds uses setting, characters, and imagery to illustrate a theme of heroism.”

You will analyze one literary/poetic quote per body paragraph and give 2-3 quotes per body as examples of where this element was used. For example, in one paragraph you may say that a poem includes metaphors. You will give 2-3 quotes from the poem that are examples of the metaphor(s). Between your quotes you need to provide commentary explaining the metaphor or why it enhances the overall theme/mood/tone

2.Step 1: Choose a topic/event to research

Choose a topic/event to research. Write down, in a few sentences, what your topic is and why you chose it.Louisiana Purchase 1803

Step 2: Choose your resources

You need to have at least five different sources of information. Your textbook DOES NOT count as one of your five sources. Please go to your local library or spend some time looking for credible websites!

● 2 primary sources-can be found online

● 3 sources: your Choice

Step 3: Complete a works cited page

Once you have chosen your resources, you will need to create a works cited page to submit to your teacher.

Works Cited Page Guidelines

○ Your works cited page should be typed.

○ Your works cited page must be written in MLA format.

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