assignment observing middle childhood children 7 11 years old 1

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Pause for a moment, and reflect on the title of Weeks 7 and 8, “Profound New Directions: Middle Childhood (7-11 Years Old).” When you were in elementary school, did you have a sense of exploring “profound new directions?” Were you like the child described on pages 396-397 of your Berger textbook, perhaps lonely and isolated from the other children? Or can you identify more closely with the child in the middle of the picture on page 376, in an intimate huddle with other children, laughing, sharing a humorous moment? Has anything you learned about children during middle childhood surprised you? And what are you looking forward to as you prepare for your third observation?

Just as in previous weeks, open your heart and mind when you observe 7-11-year-old children, and let the children be your guide into their world.

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