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You just basically responding to the student and what you found compelling and enlightening.

Student paper down below:

The process for a new law enforcement recruit is a long and detailed process. In some cases the new recruit has undergone preparation for the hiring process (Collage, prep-test, and interviewing techniques) most of which their interactions with law enforcement officers( LEO) has been somewhat pleasant. Now in an educational environment the leadership/management styles will very. Determined on what the LEO instructor needs to instill in the recruit. His experience and personality and what is the overall objective which he/she needs to complete. The type of three management theories are Authoritative, Demographic, and Constructive.

Authoritative is the process where the manager takes control of a situation. The manager shows confidence is the tone of voice used and gives instructions which must be followed. This type of management is useful during a new phase of training. The recruit has little or no knowledge of what is being asked of them. Hurry up and wait, pick it up and put it down. A Chain of command is established showing the order of rank and management. The manager makes a decision for addressing the problem or completing a goal without impute from subordinates (M.U.S.E., 2019).

Democratic management is ideal for recruits which are farther along in the training process. They have given the basics and now it is time to start to build them up. The manager/leader gets input from the other individuals in the group. Compare to authoritative where they have no say in the problem solving decision, the manager/leader will ask what they feel will work the best. Their participation in the problem solving process gives the recruit confidence that they are able to apply the skills which they have newly acquired. The majority decision is made by the group and not one individual.

Consultative The manager looks at the recruit to provide the answer or solve the problem. The manager will consult with the recruit to get a better understanding of how the recruit has grown in the decision process. With the process the recruit is more on a LEO level and communication between recruit and manager can be understood. The recruit puts techniques which they have learned and now use them naturally. The manager will make the final decision after receiving advice from the recruit. This can bring new ideas or new ways of thinking which have never been brought to the table. Fresh ideas can aid with the always changing environment of the criminal justice system.

The instructor and recruit relationship is one which changes with each class. The classes could range from a more seasoned recruit to recently graduated from high school. Knowing the audience gives the manager the advantage to be able to utilize which technique will be more effective to solve a problem or get the objective across.

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