oral presentation does the film version of antigone you watched substantiates hegel s view that antigone and creon created a war of quot good versus good quot

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G.W.F. Hegel, the famous 19th Century philosophy, proclaimed that Antigone was the greatest masterpiece of all time. For Hegel, tragedy does not depict a war of good vs. evil. Rather, at its best, tragedy portrays a war of good vs. good. In a true tragedy, the audience is presented with two equally desirable, but incompatible courses of action, purposes or ideals. In this segment of the course, we will be examining this concept of tragedy in relation to Sophocles’ Antigone.


By the end of this session, students should be able to:

  • Understand Hegel’s theory of tragedy
  • Evaluate the relationship between the city and the family in Antigone


  • Oral Presentation: Does the film version of Antigone you watched substantiates Hegel’s view that Antigone and Creon created a war of “good versus good.”

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